Get Involved

Get involved

Our museum serves the people who are planning a volunteer work. The museum provides a diverse opportunities to participate and learn. Get involved and interact with the natural world of Nepal.


Volunteers in our museum

Mr. Bodo Noack (Germany, 2001)

Mr. Noack worked as a volunteer for garden management.


Duration 18 months

To strengthen and develop our museum, JICA NEPAL is providing us Japanese volunteers for two years.

Dr.Takeshi Matsumura (Japan, 2002)

Dr. Matsumura made contribution in constructing library buidling and managing our exhibition hall.

Duration 2 years

Dr. Tomohide Yasunaga (Japan, 2005)

Dr. Yasunaga carried out research in the museum.


Duration 2 years

Ms. Julie LAMBARD (France, 2009)

Ms. LAMBARD worked as a volunteer for library and exhibition hall management.


Duration 3 months

Invigorate your mind with fresh air at the foothill of Swayambhu stupa, a world heritage site of Kathmandu, Nepal.