Get Involved


Get involved

Our museum serves the people who are planning a volunteer work. The museum provides a diverse opportunities to participate and learn. Get involved and interact with the natural world of Nepal.


Volunteers in our museum

Mr. Bodo Noack (Germany, 2001)

Mr. Noack worked as a volunteer for garden management.


To strengthen and develop our museum, JICA NEPAL is providing us Japanese volunteers for 18 to 24 months.

  • Dr.Takeshi Matsumura (Japan, 2002). Dr. Matsumura made contribution for 18 months in constructing library buildlng and managing our exhibition hall.
  • Dr. Tomohide Yasunaga (Japan, 2005). Dr. Yasunaga carried out research in the museum for two years.


Ms. Julie LAMBARD (France, 2009). Ms. LAMBARD worked for 2 years as a volunteer for library and exhibition hall management.


Duration 3 months

Invigorate your mind with fresh air at the foothill of Swayambhu stupa, a world heritage site of Kathmandu, Nepal.