Information for educational group visits

Enjoy our exhibition, common to rare, endangered or endemic species.

We hold a number of principal zoological specimens. Read on to find out our permanent galleries. 14,843 butterflies & moths, 4,142 beetles, 1,464 dragonflies, 1,604 other insects, 6 lower chordates, 890 fishes, 107 amphibians, 390 reptiles, 1,194 birds, 225 mammals, 22 skeletons, 964 fossils and animal body parts, and 107 plastic clay models and 74 rocks and minerals.

We have 124 Algae, fungi and 2,320 mushrooms, 61 lichens, 1, 124 bryophytes, 507 pteridophytes , 163 gymnosperms , and 5,034 angiosperms, and a molar tooth of a primitive hominoid, Shivapithecus that is assumed to be 8-10 millions years old.

Hopefully, all visitors leave the museum, acquiring a new sense of conservation and sustainable utilization of Nepal’s  precious natural resources.

We look forward to seeing you soon.