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Journal of Natural History Museum, Vol. 1 (since 1977)-to date

Field Guide to Nepal's Butterflies by Colin Smith (1981)

Field Guide to Nepali Names for Plants by Keshab Shrestha (1984)

Snakes of Nepal by Rajendra Lal Shrestha and Karan Bahadur Shah (1984) (in Nepali)

The Nepal Siwaliks: Their Environmental and Palaeontological Importance by Keshab Shrestha and Gudrun Corvinus (2000)

Some Beautiful Butterflies of Langtang National Park by Bhaiya Khanal, Keshab Shrestha and Jhamak Karki

Natural History Museum/DNPWC (2002)

Protected Animals and Plants of Nepal by Keshab Shrestha, Bhaiya Khana, Pusp Keshari Shrestha, Karan Bahadur Shah, Nirmala Pradhan, Sagendra Tiwari and Sanjib Pandit (2002) (in Nepali).

Natural History Museum\IUCN Nepal


Prehistoric Mammals of Nepal by Ramesh Shrestha (2015)