Message from The Chief

The earth is home to each and every organism as it is to us humans, and they have equal right to survival. We share the nature, not own it. And as the intelligent race, it becomes our responsibility to let them live and flourish. The Natural History Museum primarily exists to preach this message.

It is immense pleasure to introduce the Natural History Museum as its chief; we are dedicated to uphold the prestige and purpose of the museum. We have constantly and untiringly been striving to meet our objectives and have achieved significant milestones. We are collaborating with other departments of the Government of Nepal like DNPWC, Ministry of Forestry etc. along with other similar international agencies by signing MOUs. We are committed to the regular publication of one of the pioneer journals on nature the “Journal of Natural History Museum”. We have also been providing guidance to the researchers and trainings to conserve the world heritage and environment. Our most ambitious ongoing project is to establish the Natural History Museum in each of the seven provinces and it has many challenges.

We have sincerely been delivering our duties as the scientific authorities of CITES since 1990 for fauna. The Natural History Museum proudly stands to not only showcase natural history but to prevent existing flora and fauna from being limited in the pictures, books and history. I hope, scientists and young researchers develop a keen attitude towards conservation of nature and sustainability of natural resources so that our future generations inherit a better world than we did.

Dr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa

Associate Professor and Chief